Neo Hydraulics

Neno Loader

Neno Loader

Neno Loader is more useful for handling of material at restricted areas. It is best in handling cotton, cotton – seeds, grains, cereals etc. It is very useful in food industries, Pharmaceutical industries and various industries having requirement of in house material handling, small farming etc.


Salient Features :

  • Versatile Loader Attachments for tractors – 15 HP & above.

  • Easy to handle and in maintenance.

  • Loader bucket capacity – 200 kg.

  • Trolley can also be attached.

  • Other attachment can be easily mounted on this loader.

  • Better visibility of bucket and material loading / unloading.

  • Can enter in small spaces.

  • Easy to fit and remove attachment.

  • Lower maintenance.

  • Specially designed robust construction.

  • Multi functional attachments can be mounted.

  • Standard hydraulic parts used for better efficiency.